Saturday, July 4, 2009

USA Celebrates 4th July in Cairns, Australia

In true local spirit the population of Cairns was honoured to help USS Essex Marines and Navel personnel celebrate their traditional day so they didn't feel too homesick.

As stated in our local Weekend Post - "Cairns resident and US expatriate John Vanden Heuvel said the sailors and marines would appreciate the efforts made to mark the occasion.

"Absolutely, it is the biggest day for us," he said.

"It was the difference between living under oppression and living free.

"I will definitely be out with my American flag."

We celebrated all day with festivites starting from 11am and finishing at 9pm with a fireworks display that equalled our Guy Fawkes, New Years celebrations that could be heard far and wide over town.

During the week, USS Essex's personnel did all their training as per usual and this has become a regular site this past week with 600 Marines taking a casual 10km stroll along our Esplande.

As always all good things must come to an end, USS Essex departs our waters on Monday, 6th July, we welcome their return not just for their Independence Day celebrations, but a weeks worth of 2000+ Marine and Navel personnel in one small community has been a huge financial boost across our retail and tourism sectors which has been most welcome in these economic times.

In true Aussie fashion...Hooroo mates
Julie McClelland

Friday, June 26, 2009

Holidays in the Sun

Blogging for fun Friday - Holidays in the Sun! Blue Bay Camping Grounds, Mahia Peninsula, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

My husband of then comes from a family of nine. Me, just mum, dad and me. Christmas is always one of those times fraught with who will we spend Christmas with this year. We always did the turn about, alternating each year with my parents and the inlaws. Being just me in my family we always tried to spend part of Christmas day with my parents, usually breakfast, followed by the hurried, opening of presents, photos, shared relaxing time with babies and toddlers in a house where the most spoken words were "careful don't touch that it will break"!

Without appearing to be rushing, we then threw the kids in the car again to travel the hour and half up the road to my husbands parents for the 2 o'clock lunch, with a variety of brother and sisterinlaws, associated children - party time, well for the men it was, for us woman folk it was more work. The children by this stage were tired, over excited, over indulged in 'sugar' because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without all that 'sugar'! Needless to say, Christmas was stressful, tears and tantrums were always the long lasting reminder of that day - always looking forward to next year.

Then we happened upon the idea of camping. 14 years ago now we started and went every year for 5-6 years. No more family riotious Christmas's, just relaxed, back to basics (well we had the usual creature comforts, fridge, bbq, table chairs etc. Woke up everyday to cicadas. The boys fished, swam, found old friends again from the previous years, new friends. My husband played golf, just across the road, very relaxed, you could play in shorts, t-shirt and jandals (summer footwear). New Years Eve was always great fun, the camping ground usually always put on a show of some description that all and sundry could participate in to any degree that you fancied.

We started camping there when our youngest son, Sean, was 22 months old. The most fabulous family holidays ever, my four boys still reminisce about these fantastic holidays. These were the beginings of our best Christmas's ever too! Waking up to quiet, only a few of us camped for Christmas, it was lovely. Like all good things these came to end, my husband and I divorced and the camping grounds were sold to developers that have now turned the grounds into a coastal resort with beach front apartments.

After that we had to make new memories, I started bringing my boys to Australia, Surfers Paradise - the gateway to sun, fun, theme parks. They got to have the time of their lives at the likes of Wet n Wild, Movie World, Dream World and Sea World. I got to enjoy their enjoyment, share in the terror of the latest new ride, they got to enjoy my screaming on every ride they took me on and they being boys thought it was hysterically funny - as boys of that age do.

Those were definitely the days, our best holidays in the sun. We love the sun and heat, not big on wet, cold, ice brrrr...!

What were your favourite holiday jaunts?

Cheers to you all.
Julie McClelland

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cravings | Unhealthy Food made Healthy

Blogging for Fun Fridays, unhealthy foods made healthy!

Well this was a bit difficult for me as I eat a reasonably healthy diet. I'm allergic to chocolate, have been from a child. I do however crave Hot Cross Buns and Spicy Fruit Loaf. These two things are particularly difficult to make healthy, so I shall just leave these in the 'cravings' and 'treat food' bin.

What I can offer, is a healthy alternative to energy drinks. My favourite of all energy drinks is 'V' without the sugar, its bitter and really nice. It is expensive to drink all the time, the instant 'up' or 'buzz' you get is great, of course due to all that lovely caffine. The down side of course is when it wears off, I actually feel more tired than I did before I drank one to 'wake me up'.

The healthy alternative I have is Crave Energy Drink;

Simply mix one packet into approximately 1/2 - 1litre of pure water or whatever other beverage you prefer and drink slowly. You will love the taste and in just a few minutes you will feel the most incredible energy come over you. The energy will last about 4-6 hours on average.

No Headaches
Unlike the majority of energy drinks on the market Crave will not give you a headache. Crave is not loaded with large amounts of sugar (less than 1gram) or artificial sweeteners that causes headaches for many people..

Only 9 Calories

Calorie counting? And, who's not these days.....well with Crave you get only 9 calories per serving. What a way to count calories!

I also make for breakfast some mornings if I know I'm going to have a particularly hard day at work a;
Crave Banana Smoothie
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of low fat plain yoghurt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 sachet of crave
  • handful of ice
Place all ingredients in a blender, blend till smooth. One delicious, healthy, power packed energy drink to set you off on your day.

I drink Crave daily, I take a 1.5litre drink bottle with only half a sachet of Crave, with me in to work and drink that all day. I have a cleaning business that I work myself, I find with Crave, it gives me the much needed energy that I need to see me through my day. I also drink just plain water as well to keep well hydrated.

Enjoy more energy today.
Julie McClelland

Friday, June 5, 2009

Recommendations is Network Marketing in Disguise

Hello and welcome to another post of mine relating to Blogging for Fun Fridays. This weeks topic is recommendation of five books we have read and enjoyed.

I'm an avid reader, not as prolific as I was, since moving to Australia I am no longer a commuter, so therefore I have to make time to sit down, feet up, good book in hand and read. I don't actually have any favourite books perse, I have lots. I read from a range of authors; Diana Gabaldon, Richard North Patterson, Bryce Courtenay, Clive Clusser, John Grisham to name only a few fiction writers. I also read a range of books related to business; Michael Dlouhy and Napoleon Hill.

My first favourite author is Diana Gabaldon and her "Outlander" seris she called them; Cross Stitch, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes - this series if you are into saga's tells the story of Jamie Fraser, a Scottish Highlander, and his time-traveling wife, Claire Randall. Claire is from this century, she is a doctor and she travels through time through a circle of rocks, first time was by chance / accident and arrives in Scotland in the Eighteenth Century. The whole seris follows her journey, meeting Jamie and subsequently their lives through the centuries - I just loved it.

Bryce Courtenay, Matthew Flinders Cat is also an excellent read - Billy O'Shannessy, once a prominent barrister, became an alcoholic, lost his family, businees and life. He now lives on the street where he sleeps on a bench outside the State Library. Above him on the window sill rests a bronze statue of Matthew Flinders' cat, Trim. Ryan is a ten-year-old, a near street kid heading for all the usual trouble. The two meet and form an unlikely friendship. Appealing to the boy's imagination by telling him the story of the how Trim traveled around Australia in a boat and the adventures, trials and tribulations of this. Over several months the two begin the mutual process of establishing a friendship and helping each other in their separate predictiments of life. Matthew Flinders' Cat is a modern-day story of a city in Australia, it follows Billy, Ryan and Trim through their journey of life back then - one of Bryce Courtenay's best, in my opinion.

Richard North Patterson, has written lots of books, again series that I enjoy; No Safe Place is the first following Kerry Kilcannon, followed by Protect and Defend, the last being Balance of Power. These books are political thrillers raising questions about abortion politics, the gun culture in America, and the degree to which the press should expose the private lives of political leaders. They follow the life of Kerry Kilcannon, his family, Lara Costello who becomes his wife and of course her family.

James Patterson has wonderful series of books that follows Detective Alex Cross. James always sets the Detective up with great crimes to solve. You meet his family, friends all mixed in with solving the next greatest crime wave to hit American Streets. Jack & Jill; a child killer is stalking the inner city of Washington, D.C., his latest victim Shanelle Green, an adorable first grader from Sojourner Truth School. This killing is especially unsettling to Detective Alex Cross as Sojourner Truth is the school his son Damon attends, just four blocks from his home.

The same day that Shanelle was beaten to death, Senator Daniel Fitzpatrick was found handcuffed to a bed and shot execution style. The only clue the police have to go on is a bizarre rhyme, signed "Jack and Jill," promising more high-profile executions.

The reason I like series of books is because I like to get lost in my books, I like following their lives, it's a bit like some of the TV series; ER, Grey's, Desparate Housewives, Boston Legal. The stories they right each week, sometimes a weak, bizarre, totally off the wall - I watch them mainly to see what's happening in everyones lives this week!

A couple of books I now read, non-fiction actually relate to my business; Success in 10 Steps, Michael Dlouhy. I read this book in a day, its why I entered the world of network marketing. A down to earth, real guy telling us the truth and of how it is in reality in the network marketing business. He opens your eyes to the heavy hitters, the scammers and the scams - there is no sugar coating its just the facts. A great honest book on how to be successful in network marketing and own your life.

The second book I read for my business is Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. As part of reading this book, I belong to a mastermind group, whereby we just read one chapter per week and then anaylise it. To take on Napoleons philisophy and live your dreams this really is the only way to do it. We all share ideas, everyone has a different take on each chapter, some of us a similar and some polls apart, that's what so cool about it. This group is called a Mental Cleanse, whereby we clear the chatter from our minds, so we can see clearly, take action, become our dream not dream it.

So...Recommendations is Network Marketing in Disguise. Well for myself I've just recommended five books and series of books that I read and enjoyed, some of you may have read them and liked them, some of you may now look to reading them. That's networking.

We do this also in our everyday lives. Someone comments on your new hair style and they ask "where did you get it done" you recommend your hairdresser because they are reasonably priced, they do as you ask, you're always happy with the results.

You purchased a new pair of shoes - "oh what fantastic new shoes, where did you get those'? You went to the latest movie, butcher etc etc etc.

Back in New Zealand, because we had dreadful weather, I was a commuter, umbrellas in our windy weather wasn't an option. I wanted/needed a coat that was long, actually water proof, not heavy. I found the perfect item; a red Driza-Bone (Australian brand waterproof clothing) summer weight raincoat. I should've asked for commission for the amount of people I recommended to the shop where I purchased this. Before long there were a variety of us wearing this coat, a couple same colour as mine (grrr...) standing on the train platform of a rainy winters day, not straining with umbrellas, not wet from the knees down. Perfect!

Becoming a network marketer is the same, we now just recommend the products we sell or are companies that we are affiliated with on line instead, whether they be in the health industry, blogging, marketing the list goes on and on.

Success for all our Recommendations
Julie McClelland

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flashback - 26 May 1962

Blogging for Fun Friday - 26 May 1962
Gosh where has the time gone, Blogging for Fun Friday (I realise I'm a tad late, Monday, but better late than never!)

This week's topic really appealed - looking back in time at what happened the year you were born. Best Movie, top 10 Song, how much petrol, milk, stamps cost. Anything else that was considered to be really interesting or exciting for the year and day.

Well doing a bit of research seems to bring up some uninspiring results, in that not a lot of auspicious happenings happened on this day worldwide, except of course my birth!! Now I am a Gemini and I was born in the year of the out!

Now, as I am an online network marketer and I also have my own cleaning business here in Cairns, I also decided to look at what was happening in 1962 with regards to Network Marketing and Cleaning Services.

1962 - the network marketing industry was growing rapidly and during this time Mary Kay was established, good year for establishing a company! I must confess these products are good and I used them for many years. I don't now, mainly I think because the distributor I was purchasing from, stopped doing it. Network Marketing back then too was by party plan, direct selling, door to door, so we have moved on somewhat in that now we do it online, well some of us do, some still do the party plan; Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Nutrimetics to name a few; but, what will our children's children be doing I wonder...from the moon? Do we really think that network marketing has changed that much? I don't, it's still a people business, people are still doing it the 'old' way, we've introduced a new medium, the internet, which opens up new opportunities, both good and bad.

Cleaning in the 60's...this is why women didn't work outside the family and home, they were too busy...using modern equipment! Thank goodness times have moved on and we now have an array of products that are efficient and helpful. I was in an applicance shop today, my dishwasher probably needs replacing and as you do I looked at all the other lovely things on offer, they have washing machine / dryers all in one now, I asked the guy if the ironed your clothes yet, he said, "this brand with the steam option, just about eleminates all need for ironing". Back in the 60's they were always producing lots of tips to help make us better housewives in case you needed it...aren't we pleased time has moved on, I think women of today would invest in 'clubs' should we be offered tips like these...

Tips for House Cleaning

Housecleaning can be a tough chore. You may find that you need a little help. If so, then consider these quick tips for cleaning your home...

  • Vacuum often. While you could spend the whole day vacuuming, especially if you have children or pets, you probably don’t want to. Still you should vacuum each room in your home at least once a week and frequently used areas three to four times a week. That will keep dirt from getting stuck in the carpeting and wearing it out more quickly.
  • Make a schedule for periodic jobs, such as cleaning baseboards and organizing cabinets. You may want to go through your cabinets every six months, for example, but you cannot remember the last time you did it. Schedule your cleaning time right alongside the doctor’s appointment and business meeting so that you won’t forget.
  • Do it now! This phrase is the mantra of organizational gurus, who know that the key to keeping one’s home clean is to do every task as soon as it needs to be done. Putting that ice cream bowl in the sink now is much easier than putting three away tomorrow.
  • Simple is better. Keep things simple, and cleaning will be easier. Stick to one illustrated book on your coffee table, for example, instead of an arrangement of figurines. The former will be easier to dust and keep tidy, making your job to clean, easy.
  • If you haven’t used something in a year, throw it out. If you’ve looked at that green sweater in your closet and shrugged everyday this winter, you have moved passed the sweater. Just get rid of it, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • 8. When you find a problem, fix it. Many people tend to just allow cleaning problems to build up. If you’re always tripping over the kids’ shoes when you come in, put a shoe rack at the front door. Move the cleaning supplies so they’re easier to reach. Put the broom in a better spot. Fixing problems can make cleaning go much more smoothly.
Being a Kiwi - New Zealander, money wise we were still in 1962 using pounds, shilling and pence not that I cared. So with that alone, changes are very different.

Cost of living in New Zealand 1962:

  • Medium family income $6,000 per year
  • Minimum hourly wage $1.25
  • New house $15,000
  • Gallon of gas .25¢
  • New car $2,500
  • Federal/State/Local taxes 20%
  • Pack of chewing gum .05¢
  • Candy bar .05¢
  • Ice cream bar .15¢
  • Soft drink .10¢
  • Fast food hamburger .20¢
  • 1st class postage stamp .04¢
  • Pay phone (local call) .10¢
  • Color TV set $400
  • Daily newspaper .10¢
  • Refrigerator $500
  • Tennis shoes $5.00
  • Doctors office visit $5
  • Movie ticket .50¢
  • Popcorn at the movie.20¢
  • 45 rpm record $1.00
  • Record album $3.00

  • Magazine Covers - 26 May 1962

    TV highlights of '62 - New Zealand at this time wasn't producing it's own:
    The Jetsons, I Love Lucy - not that I remember them perse in 1962, I certainly remember growing up with these shows. The Bevelerly Hillbillies - fantastic memory lane...

  • 03/30/1962 - The NCB talk show, "The Jack Paar show" has it's last episode on this day.
  • 05/31/1962 - "Tell It To Groucho" last airs on CBS-TV.
  • June 1962 - "The Alfred Hitchcock show" last aires and has a total of 268 episodes.
  • 09/11/1962 - "McHales Navy" debuts on ABC. Show would run until 8/20/1966 with 138 episodes.
  • 09/17/1962 - The popular CBS/NBC situation comedy, "Father knows best ends. It had 203 episodes.
  • 09/22/1962 - "The Andy Williams show", a musical/variety show, aires. Show ended on 7/17/1971.
  • 09/23/1962 - ABC's 1st color TV series aires-"The Jetsons". There were 24 episodes and the last one was on 9/8/1963.
  • 09/25/1962 - "Bachelor father", a situation comedy ends with 157 episodes to it's credit.
  • 09/26/1962 - "The Beverly Hillbillies debuts on CBS-TV. 274 episodes were made before it's last show on 9/7/1971.
  • 10/02/1962 - "Here's Johnny!" Johnny Carson hosts his 1st Tonight Show on NBC-TV with guest star, Joan Crawford. Johnny hosted until May 22, 1992 and had a total of 4531 episodes!
  • 10/2/1962 - "Combat", a war drama aires on ABC-TV. This show ran until 8/29/1967 and finished with 152 episodes.
  • 10/01/1962 - Lucy Show premieres.
  • 12/20/1962 - Osmond brothers debut on the Andy Williams show.
  • 12/31/1962 - "Match Game" debuts on NBC with host Gene Rayburn.

  • Top singles of '62 - only one Elvis song!:

    Big Girls Don't Cry (The Four Seasons)
    Duke Of Earl (Gene Chandler)
    Good Luck Charm (Elvis Presley)
    Hey! Baby (Bruce Channel)
    I Can't Stop Loving You (Ray Charles)
    Peppermint Twist (Joey Dee & The Starliters)
    Roses Are Red (Bobby Vinton)
    Sheila (Tommy Roe)
    Sherry (The Four Seasons)
    Soldier Boy (The Shirelles)

    Movies of '62:

    Cape fear
    Whatever happened to baby Jane

    Marilyn Monroe
    Marylin Monroe

    Famous Deaths - of Note Marylin - phew thank goodness she didn't die in May:

    Adolf Eichmann (hanged)
    August 5 - Marylin Monroe "Norma Jean Mortense" (overdose of sleeping pills)
    November 7 - Eleanor Roosevelt (complications from tuberculosis)

    Famous Births - nice to know who you share your day with:

    Jan 17th 1962 - Jim Carrey
    Feb 4th 1962 - Clint Black
    Feb 5th 1962 - Jennifer Jason Leigh
    Feb 7th 1962 - Garth Brooks
    Feb 17th 1962 - Lou Diamond Phillips
    Feb 27th 1962 - Adam Baldwin
    March 2nd 1962 - Al Del Greco
    March 2nd 1962 - Jon Bon Jovi
    March 3rd 1962 - Herschel Walker
    March 3rd 1962 - Jackie Joyner-Kersee
    March 21st 1962 - Rosie O'Donnell
    May 12th 1962 - Emilio Estevez
    May 26th 1962 - Bobcat Goldthwait
    June 13th 1962 - Ally Sheedy
    July 3rd 1962 - Tom Cruise
    July 15th 1962 - Brigitte Nielsen
    July 31st 1962 - Wesley Snipes
    Sept 26th 1962 - Melissa Sue Anderson
    Oct 11th 1962 - Joan Cusack
    Oct 13th 1962 - Jerry Rice
    Oct 19th 1962 - Evander Holyfield
    Nov 4th 1962 - Ralph Macchio
    Nov 11th 1962 - Demi Moore
    Nov 19th 1962 - Jodie Foster

    Special events of '62 - has life changed that much do you think?

  • 1962 is the Golden anniversary for Chevrolet, their 50th year.
  • Ford introduces the "Fairlane". This model was produced until 1970.
  • Marine Corps General John Glenn circles the earth 3 times in the Friendship 7.
  • 90% of Americans own a television set; ABC begins broadcasting in color. In living color
  • "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" with Zero Mostel premieres in New York.
  • Two new dances, the "Mashed Potato" and the "Watusi" hit the scene.
  • Polaroid introduces color film prints which develop in 60 seconds.
  • The Academy award for Best Picture goes to "Lawrence of Arabia." Gregory Peck wins for Best Actor in "To Kill a Mockingbird," and best actress goes to Anne Bancroft for "The Miracle Worker."
  • After replacing Pete Best with Ringo Star, the Beatles record their first single, "Love Me Do."
  • Folk music and California surf music are very popular.
  • The charts are dominated by girl groups like, the "Shirelles" and the "Crystals."
  • 02/14/1962 - First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy gives "A Tour of the White House" via television. Over 46 million people tune in.
  • 03/01/1962 - The first K-Mart and Walmart opens.
  • 03/2/1962 - Philadelphia 76er's seven-foot basketball center, Wilt (the Stilt) Chamberlain scores a record 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks.
  • 03/02/1962 - JFK announces US will resume above ground nuclear testing.
  • 04/09/1962 - JFK throws out 1st ball at Washington's new DC Stadium.
  • 05/25/1962 - Isley Brothers release, "Twist & Shout".
  • 06/25/1962 - By a vote of 6 to 1, the Supreme court bans prayer in public schools.
  • 08/11/1962 - Beach boys "Surfin' Surfari" reached #14 and the flip side "409" charted at #76.
  • 08/18/1962 - Peter, Paul & Mary release their 1st hit, "If I Had a Hammer".
  • 09/29/1961 - The new 1962 Chevrolet models go on sale. This would include Chevrolets latest car, the "Chevy II".
  • 11/07/1962 - Richard Nixon quits politics-"You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore".
  • 12/08/1962 - 114-day newspaper strike begins in NYC.

  • So now that's over, what was happening in your neck of the woods on your day?

    Cheers and have a great day, week, month, year and life
    Julie McClelland

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Network Marketing | Sex | Advertising

    The Mystery of Sex Transmutation combined with Network Marketing and Business - what mystery?

    Napoleon Hills', Chapter 11, this is an area I comprehend without question. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, maybe because I am aware of and understand my own inbuilt intuition. My husband often doesn't get why I pick up on 'vibes' people put out. Take for example his boss. The first time I met him was a surprise visit to my husband, so I was more tuned into my husbands surprise at seeing me, I just didn't quite get what his boss was thinking.

    Subsequent visits, things my husband has said that happen at work, social gatherings - this man portrays the good host, outwardly for all to see he is 'nice'. I know this man is threatened by my husband - not physically, but mentally. My husband knows things this man doesn't, won't take advice or suggestions, because he perceives that to be a weakness. As time goes by, my husband now sees what I see; it has helped him tread the waters differently.

    Transmutation of sex is the same. Look at all the advertising on TV - a lot of it, actually most of it is around sex, because advertises know that SEX SELLS. Look at your corporate workforce. Front of Office Receptionists are lovely, slim, attractive young woman, how many businesses do we know that has the 'plain Jane' or middle aged or Senior Receptionist. Men believe that people want to see 'beautiful' people; they believe a 'beautiful' person fronting their office perceives SEX which equals SUCCESS.

    TV programmes are the same, especially Middle America soaps; Desperate Housewives, The Practice, Grey's Autonomy, Boston Legal, House, ER the list goes on; the stars of the shows are attractive people.

    Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent - should this women win - watch out for the makeover, actually lets not wait for her to win - look it's already started, she couldn't possibly be left as she was, her looks won't sell. This maybe harsh, but remember when she first came out on stage - everyone was shocked, this odd looking woman can't /couldn't possibly sing, they were waiting to boo her off the stage because she didn't have the 'look'.

    New Zealand, our Prime Minister for nine years, Helen Clark. If you saw this woman when she first started her political career, to what she is now - some men still think she's 'beautifully challenged'. She has changed her dress style, makeup, hair. She listened to her advertising people, took their advice and upgraded her appearance. People, namely men, still ridiculed her for her 'looks' more so than they did her political views.

    Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle - the main focus of his inauguration; what his wife was going to and what she then wore. SEX SEX SEX - beauty sells and is seen as successful. The UGLY, IMPERFECT is seen as a detriment.

    When Hill wrote this book, advertising by comparison from then to today has changed hugely but it was still there. How people portrayed themselves, used their sexual energy and translated it into riches really is no different. Man is man, you are the hunter, woman are the gatherers. We stand by our men as long as they get us. As Hill says men who understand Sex, Love, Romance will achieve success as long as they use it all appropriately.

    I believe what Hill is saying and trying to make us aware of, is all about your own self perception. If you see yourself as worthless, less than, not 'beautiful' then this is what you project and transmute to the outside world. Having belief in you is the first thing one needs to develop. Make the most of what you've got. Short people wear heels, tall people wear flat. No matter what we should project proudly who and what we are SEXY SUCCESSFUL POWERFUL we are PERFECT JUST THE WAY WE ARE; PROJECT IT - TRANSMUTE IT.

    I own and operate a cleaning business, Julie's Home Services, here in Cairns. I know peoples' perception of 'cleaners' to be - poor, low socio-economic. I met with a prospective client yesterday, she needs cleaning work done at her house. Throughout our discussions she mentioned that her current cleaner had just left because she now had a 'real' job! Hmmm...her perception is what...that cleaning, earning money cleaning houses, operating a cleaning business is not 'real' work, not worthy, not successful, yet she requires my services.

    But, you see I am successful, I do transmute success, knowledge and know how of what I do, hence why people who see me or meet with me are surprised at my appearance. I'm not your poor low socioeconomic cleaner, I've never portrayed that image, I'm not going to change or lower myself to fit peoples perceptions of what they believe I should be, because of the work that I do. Not unusually this women too was somewhat taken aback at my appearance.

    I was regaling this to my husband this morning and his answer was, you can't be more real when you work for yourself. Touché!

    Network Marketing is the same, how many of you out there, stumble, try to organise your thoughts when people ask 'what do you do'. Wait for the other person to 'figuratively' speaking run a hundred miles in the opposite direction. To be successful in this world you have to 'get over yourselves'. No one has a problem saying; I'm a clerk, office worker, cafe attendant, receptionist, manager, CEO, secretary, nurse, doctor or retail assistant. The same is to be said for network marketing too, being honest with yourself first makes it easy to be honest with the world.

    Learn how to transmute positive sexual energy and you will understand how to move forward, create your plans and then reap the bountiful rewards that you so deserve.

    To your deserved success
    Julie McClelland

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Susan Boyle | Cynicism | Network Marketing

    Like most people, we know that Susan Boyle is a worldwide household name, except of course those in countries or parts thereof where there is no power, let alone luxury items like a TV! When you search the web with my heading to my blog, there are over 7.7 million returns on articles about Susan Boyle, Network Marketing, making money online, Tourism...tourism, what the...! I rest my case, you really need not wonder at my cynicism and why I think, Susan Boyle, Network Marketing and Cynicism go hand in hand in some form or other.

    Most articles, blogs etc are all about the positives, some are in the 'I'm over it' stage, lots are 'how you too can be a star' like Susan, but in your business. Don't get me wrong, I was moved by this women's down to earth, somewhat naive and genuine attitude about herself. Then of course she sang...
    Now we also have Shaheen Jafargholi, 12 and Holly Steel, 10 who also have taken Britain's Got Talent by storm. I do like the fact that people who perhaps would normally struggle to get 'talent hunted' have an opportunity with these talent shows to get noticed, then forge a career for themselves in the music industry.

    We must not forget Susan's quick move into fame through a 'talent contest', is not yet over, she still has more hurdles to jump, lshe has yet to make it past the next round - now her fate lies with the British public, the voting panel (this should be a no brainer, Simon thinks she's lovely, although she's frumpy) and lest we forget the competition of other would be stars, namely Shaheen Jafargholi and Holly Steel just to name two. Part of me hopes she does, but what will the real outcome be for this women? Will she cope with the fame? Will she cope with the makeover - that has to come, does it not?

    Remember the builder come opera singer winner of last years Britain's Got Talent. Lovely fellow - awful teeth! He's since had extensive dental work done, wears better clothing, travels the world with his wife. Performs on world stages. He is a completely different man. He appears to have coped well with it all, but will Susan Doyle?

    So what has this got to do with network marketing? 7.7+ million reasons and I've decided that I'm no different to the other bloggers, MLMers \ Network Marketers and anyone else that is using this bandwagon to help brand themselves. Here I am blogging along with the 7.7+ million others, being whisked along on the coat tails of this women's overnight success, with what appears to be a good title, match up my keywords and maybe I'll have winner, whereby people who read my article may leave a comment, positive or negative, Google doesn't really care about that, its the back links and networking spiders that 'we' and Google are interested in.

    Why cynical? Do I really need to elaborate, look at us all using this platform to gain some traction for our own ends. I'm not necessarily against this process, the internet is a good vehicle for taking us into 'famedom', should we be clever enough. I am more concerned that some of us forget to maintain good business ethos, that we don't succumb and lose oursleves in the mele of what perceived riches could come our way with Google traffic, backlinks etc, people tripping themselves up in droves to dive head first into our sales funnels...well a bit extreme, but it sounds good, yes?

    I take pride in myself that I am honest, have the upmost of integretity, I am building trust online, I focus my energy on building relationships. Network Marketing, like Britian's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, Australia's Got a people industry. How else would the likes of Susan Boyle, a spinster from Scotland, touch not only Britain's but the hearts of people worldwide.

    Our purpose for being here in this industry should be because - we like building relationships with people and realise the vechicle for doing this is through branding - whether it be like Susan, Shaheen, Holly or in our own way online.

    I don't know about you, but I am a real person, doing real things, going about an honest days work, earning an honest dollar to pay our bills and advance my family just one step closer towards financial freedom.

    Live your Dreams, Enjoy your Life
    Julie McClelland