Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I were not afraid, I would....

Bungy Jump with my 15 year old son, Sean.

The reality is that although when I was his age I had the same fearlessness, as I’ve grown older, wiser and more mature – I now have an uncontrollable fear of heights, that even standing on rung 2, let alone 3 of the ladder to get the jolly kitten off the garage, at a push is basically an impossibility and leaves my stomach doing summersaults all over the show and me wishing I hadn’t done that in the first place because I’m yet again trying to keep my insides from falling outside.

AJ Hackett, fellow Kiwi, has turned the adventure tourism industry upside down with his revolutionary invention of basically rubber bands; strap around the ankle, freefall yourself into oblivion, all for that massive adrenalin rush. He’s taken this simple piece of action to the world, made himself very wealthy in the process – now living the life he wants in the manner he’s now become accustomed, on residual ncome and royalty funds – good on him.

For me network marketing is bit like ‘freefalling’ myself into...thankfully not oblivion. vSome of my friends (I’m sure you all have them too) think that, yet again, Julie has lost the plot.

Well, I know I haven’t, Michael Dlouhy has revolutionised internet marketing with Mentoring for Free. Tom Schreiter, Chairman, Vitamark International, has revolutionised the network marketing industry with “Next Generation Network Marketing Model”.

What is that you might say – bottom line Vitamark International is a network marketing company that is owned by the distributors – end result the distributors get the lion’s share of the profits - our weekly/monthly pay cheque for selling products on behalf of the company.

Now for those of us that want to Fast Track our lives and assist others along the way as well, you can download my Free E-Book, Success in 10 Steps.

If I were really afraid…I guess I would not be 'freefalling' here with you now, I would not have trusted my gut instinct and downloaded my own FREE E-Book and I would not be here now offering to help you like I've been offered help.

To your Success
Julie McClelland

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being reliant on your Boss can Suck!

I followed my Dream – 5 January this year I married my best friend of 25 years. We moved my two teenage boys and a shipping container of all our ‘worldly goods’ to be with my darling in gorgeously hot, Tropical Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

Now, as you do, I settled the boys into Cairns schools, with some difficulties – naturally – on the whole the experience and transfer has been reasonably seamless.

I’m a Secretary by trade – performed in a variety of roles over years as a Shop Girl, Bar Maid (as you do in your teenage years), Office Administrator, Receptionist, Secretary/Personal/Executive Assistant and Office Manager. For two years I owned and operated my own cleaning business. Of course, I consider my most fulfilling role being a ‘Mother’.

I got several contract roles here in Australia, doing my tradecraft. I’m a bright, vibrant, outgoing and cheerful – some would say a ‘Colourful Personality’, I like that, it’s me. I found what I was hoping to be a permanent role, working for an Accountant – complete opposite personality to myself – being a small business, he described me, at the interview as an “Overhead” – really when I look back, the inkling that that wasn’t good – to be thought of as an ‘overhead’ wasn’t a good sign, I should have listened to that inkling but….

Here in Australia, they have this law, (I refer to ‘they’ because I still consider myself a ‘Kiwi’ – New Zealander) all employers can employ new staff under a ‘Probationary’ 3 month trial period. If for whatever reason they decide they don’t want you to work there any more – that’s it, it’s all “OVER ROVER” – here’s your brollie (rains here a lot), bag and the door, no reasons offered nor do they have to be.

Now we can all deduce from that what we will…..more importantly what I’ve decided is that I’m not going to put my livelihood in the hands of anyone else now but my own. I’m going to be in charge of my own destiny, no one else – not even my husband. Now my darling sometimes finds this hard to bear – not just because I’m “Miss Independent” – but because he’s a honey – a died in the wool, old fashioned type of guy, he wants to be my Knight in Shinning Armour (KISA) and keep me from all harm – including ‘Bosses’!!!

Now, while this is all lovely, we all have to be practical while fulfilling our DREAMS of financial freedom – I’m back to contracting, the mortgage needs to be paid, we want to eat, pay all those bills etc – Yuk boring – but reality for the moment, not for long though coz I have a Dream….

I’ve met the right group of people that are helping me to fulfil my DREAM – Mentoring for Free - coupled with Vitamark International - is my road to financial freedom.

If you would like to join me on this journey - download my book - and let’s

‘Hit the Road Jack and don’t look Back, No More No More No More….’

To your Success
Julie McClelland

Cyberspace Guru

Anyone new to the world of Internet Marketing, I’m sure is finding this “cyberspace world” to be WOW!!

In the short period of time (2 months) that I’ve ventured into this world – I’ve discovered no matter how focused you aim to be, how well you follow the ‘footsteps in the sand’ so as not to reinvent the wheel – it is so easy to be ‘CLICKED’ off into ‘cyberspace’ by our wonderful friend ‘Mouse’ and before we know where we are, we are enveloped deep within the folds of pages after pages of blaring advertising

  • “but wait there’s more”
  • “are you really sure you don’t want our….”
  • “for you as a one time offer I’ll reduce our price to…..”
  • “download this it’s FREE – yeah right…!!”
  • some even have the little generated ‘cyberspace gal’ that can help you with more information – only of course if you ask questions that ‘cyberspace gal’ is capable of answering…!!

Usually I find the only thing that is FREE - is filling in your name and email address…

When all a girl was looking for was some information on how to download/upload a SEO Blog system – you must forgive me there, I’m a bit of an Internet/Web Dummy – like many of us I believe - and even with step by step instructions, there are times when I sit looking at my computer in a dazed glaze….

Anyway enough of that, I’m learning and that’s the main thing, but what I’ve discovered is that I’m with a company that isn’t into hype – in fact by comparison to a huge amount of the advertising out there today on the Net, our company, some could say, are in the dark ages of modern advertising….

Actually that’s not true, what we are doing is being ourselves, nice, normal people, who hate all the hype, don’t like to be sold, don’t like having products and schemes shoved down our throats, when we say we have a FREE gift, that’s actually what we have - Free Gift.

I was talking with a prospect just yesterday, he had downloaded my Free E-Book, when I rang he was very friendly, we talked about completely unrelated stuff. I offered him some more information and advice about what we do and how perhaps we could help him – he was very cagey – didn’t want it he thought – I said it’s FREE, he laughed at me, said nothing is for FREE on the Internet!! I assured him it was FREE, guess what….this was the first he’d come across absolutely FREE more information in the 20 years he's been working on the Net. As I said earlier – the majority of the stuff being advertised for FREE isn’t.

If you aren’t the only ones out – I’m sure you aren’t, you would like more help that is FREE, download my FREE E-Book, Success in 10 Steps.

Looking forward to meeting with you on the ‘other side’.

To our Success