Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I were not afraid, I would....

Bungy Jump with my 15 year old son, Sean.

The reality is that although when I was his age I had the same fearlessness, as I’ve grown older, wiser and more mature – I now have an uncontrollable fear of heights, that even standing on rung 2, let alone 3 of the ladder to get the jolly kitten off the garage, at a push is basically an impossibility and leaves my stomach doing summersaults all over the show and me wishing I hadn’t done that in the first place because I’m yet again trying to keep my insides from falling outside.

AJ Hackett, fellow Kiwi, has turned the adventure tourism industry upside down with his revolutionary invention of basically rubber bands; strap around the ankle, freefall yourself into oblivion, all for that massive adrenalin rush. He’s taken this simple piece of action to the world, made himself very wealthy in the process – now living the life he wants in the manner he’s now become accustomed, on residual ncome and royalty funds – good on him.

For me network marketing is bit like ‘freefalling’ myself into...thankfully not oblivion. vSome of my friends (I’m sure you all have them too) think that, yet again, Julie has lost the plot.

Well, I know I haven’t, Michael Dlouhy has revolutionised internet marketing with Mentoring for Free. Tom Schreiter, Chairman, Vitamark International, has revolutionised the network marketing industry with “Next Generation Network Marketing Model”.

What is that you might say – bottom line Vitamark International is a network marketing company that is owned by the distributors – end result the distributors get the lion’s share of the profits - our weekly/monthly pay cheque for selling products on behalf of the company.

Now for those of us that want to Fast Track our lives and assist others along the way as well, you can download my Free E-Book, Success in 10 Steps.

If I were really afraid…I guess I would not be 'freefalling' here with you now, I would not have trusted my gut instinct and downloaded my own FREE E-Book and I would not be here now offering to help you like I've been offered help.

To your Success
Julie McClelland


Roxanne Green said...

I've always wanted to skydive. I'm not sure about bungee jumping. I, too, am deathly afraid of heights but one day my brother and I are going skydiving. ;-)

You're right. It's always easier with a safety net.

Follow your passions!!

Rhonda Wudarczyk said...

Safety in numbers right? Mentoring for Free has plenty of people to help everyone! Julie can and will show you how you can use the same safety net!!

Okay, so were you afraid of heights b4 or after the bungee jumping? I am with Roxanne, I want to skydive!

EddieGarcia said...

Hey Julie,

Call me a BIG chicken cause I have no desire to bungee jump or skydive or go skin diving. I have plunged into Mentoring for Free and it is everything Julie says it is. If you like helping others to be successful then this is right up your alley. Hop on board and start feeling good about yourself.

Eddie from Georgia

Samuel Price said...

I never though of MLM as freefalling. it's an awesome concept. Ther is a rush you get when you have success and yes; having a mentor is the best way to do it.