Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Success in Network Marketing | Leap of Faith

Background story first, then I’ll explain my quick analogy with Multiple Sclerosis and Success in Network Marketing.

Saturday, 11 April 2009 – Good Samaritan Day! I was out doing our regular weekend shop at the local fruit and vegetable markets – Rusty’s Markets, based here in Cairns’ CBD, on the Great Barrier Reef (sounds idyllic – it is, you’ll just have to trust me on this!).

Drew, 17, came with me – his favourite pass time doing the veg n fruit shop…not!! We completed our rounds and he reminded me that we needed to go to the second hand book store just up the road in Lake Street. We purchased some great comics for Drew and Rich Dad Poor Dad – for me to get more inspirational thoughts on wealth creation…

On our way back we stopped to get our usual home made muffin and fruit smoothies. The lady that owns this business loves Drew – Drew is profoundly deaf, Drew and I sign about what we want, I know she finds it fascinating like lots of others – great benefit for us - he gets ‘free’ banana n choc chip’ muffin and a large drink, I only pay for 2 small drinks and 1 muffin – hence why we be repeat customers – perfect!

As we were organising ourselves to sit and eat our fare, this woman bumped into me, I turned round, she apologised – she was in a wheel chair, not just any chair a motorised one that she drove with her chin, oxygen on board, shopping the lot. I discovered afterwards that she did this deliberately; I sat down, she was right in my line of vision, she hadn’t actually moved at all, I smiled at her as you do – I scanned the area looking to see if someone was with her. This was when she asked me a favour. She needed to eat, drink and take her medication. So for the next half hour we chatted attended to her needs. Turns out she has Multiple Sclerosis, incredibly debilitating, no family living locally – she has to place her trust and judgement of face value looking - in strangers’ hands – literally!

She has help come in from 8pm at night till 8am. They get her up at 5.30am so they can leave on time. During the day she fends for herself. She ‘imposes’ herself on the likes of me – what else can she do. She has to TRUST in human nature – I suppose initially people will take ‘pity’ and help, not take advantage. This woman doesn’t need pity, she just needs people that understand and won’t / don’t have an issue helping. I had no problem with this at all, in fact I felt honoured to have been of service.

She thanked me and drove off. The first thing Drew said to me was “how sad”, “lady has no arms, legs – stuck in chair all day”. He became concerned about where she had gone and what she would do. We discussed how lucky he was to be ‘just deaf’. Now there are a lot of people that would think differently, but neither Drew, nor his family do.

Now, Network Marketing and Multiple Sclerosis the co-relation is easy from the point of view that network marketers have to learn to TRUST too. It’s very hard when you have been ripped off, signed up for things that haven’t lived up to their advertised expectations. In some cases, there are networkers that have lost thousands of dollars, for nothing in return. Somewhere along the line if you have done your due diligence, perhaps have started to get know someone, albeit through reading their profile on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter wherever; you have to take that leap of faith, TRUST that this person will help you.

Of course once that leap of faith has been taken, most Mentors and Coaches require from you in return your commitment to;

  • Listen and learn; therefore be coachable
  • Participate in their training program – not try to, but do
  • Want Success deep down inside and know that you deserve success
  • Want financial freedom for yourselves and for others

When you commit to this then your door will open to the people that you need in your life that will help you and others become the Network Marketing Success that you are entitled too.

Imagine if you had to live your life like this woman for the rest of your lives, TRUSTING someone on the internet that may well become a good friend doesn’t really seem to be such a leap of faith to me anymore after today.

To your Success

Julie McClelland


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inthistogether said...

Thx Julie,
I loved the story.
I love your attitude

Melissa said...

Interesting analogy, the only difference being your wonderful act of kindness in no way harmed her, or your pocket book. Trust is something that must be earned, I am glad you were there to help this woman, some may have taken advantage of her. You are very kind. As for the marketing topic, I can not honestly say it has something I have tried. I am not much of a person to take risk, especially where money is concerned. There are lots of people though, who are very successful at it.

Anne said...

What a moving story. It is hard to trust anyone but it is a good lesson to learn.

sri said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. cheers!!!

Laura said...

I find trusting a total stranger really hard. I was at the grocery store the other day and was approached by a middle aged man. He told me he was on food stamps and that he had no money for things like soap or toilet paper. He wanted me to give him $15 in exchange he would buy me $25 in groceries. He wanted me to meet him outside and he would exchange the groceries for the money. I have to tell you that my gut feeling just said, "No! Don't do it." So I had to tell him that I did not feel comfortable being a woman alone doing something like that. I felt really bad, but you just never know anymore. Anything can happen. (And that is a sad commentary on our society today)

Julie McClelland said...

Laura, Anne and Melissa - thank you for your comments. There are times when we all have to use good judgement.

Melissa, you have people that buy your products from you, they pay first and have to 'trust' that you will send them the goods, they are as photographed and are true to the description. Once they receive the trust is built, they may order again if you have more of what they like.

Same with network marketing, once the contact is made, you live up to what your site is offering, the trust is made.

Anne - I must confess I wouldn't have given the fellow money, I would've have been as uncomfortable with the whole thing as you were.

I was initially with the women I helped - I did feel 'put upon', but as I said, how else is she supposed to 'live' if she doesn't do that.

betchai said...

I really trust you about the place being idyllic, I can imagine how it is like being on the Great Barrier Reef. It is actually one of the places that I must see (for me).

Regarding your story, thanks a lot for sharing. She chose you because she must have seen something from you, that she can trust. And I am so happy to know you rewarded the trust she gave to you by extending help to her that she needed at that time.

thanks for your analogy, it really makes sense, and you chose such a great one.

thanks also for visiting my new blog site and the support.

Pinay Freelancer said...

Hi Julie,

That was so kind of you to help that woman. Not all can and will do that because of a lot of concerns ( no time to help, they care less, afraid that they might take advantage of...among all things).

On the other hand, online trust is a big issue these days.

I'm speaking from experience. There are times when some people take these things for granted because they think that they can easily just use another username as front to avoid being caught, whew!

EddieGarcia said...

Hey Julie,
I would have done the same thing my friend and I am happy to know that there are those of us who still have compassion on the least fortunate in this world. Trust is an important factor in life and I hate to admit it but I don't put a lot of trust in my fellow man. I want to but I have been betrayed too many times. I have been able to trust in MFF and those involved with this wonderful family and this has given me a new gleam of hope. Thanks for this touching story!

Friends 4 Life!