Saturday, July 4, 2009

USA Celebrates 4th July in Cairns, Australia

In true local spirit the population of Cairns was honoured to help USS Essex Marines and Navel personnel celebrate their traditional day so they didn't feel too homesick.

As stated in our local Weekend Post - "Cairns resident and US expatriate John Vanden Heuvel said the sailors and marines would appreciate the efforts made to mark the occasion.

"Absolutely, it is the biggest day for us," he said.

"It was the difference between living under oppression and living free.

"I will definitely be out with my American flag."

We celebrated all day with festivites starting from 11am and finishing at 9pm with a fireworks display that equalled our Guy Fawkes, New Years celebrations that could be heard far and wide over town.

During the week, USS Essex's personnel did all their training as per usual and this has become a regular site this past week with 600 Marines taking a casual 10km stroll along our Esplande.

As always all good things must come to an end, USS Essex departs our waters on Monday, 6th July, we welcome their return not just for their Independence Day celebrations, but a weeks worth of 2000+ Marine and Navel personnel in one small community has been a huge financial boost across our retail and tourism sectors which has been most welcome in these economic times.

In true Aussie fashion...Hooroo mates
Julie McClelland


Melissa said...

Looks like you had beautiful weather, too. I hope everything went well.

betchai said...

thanks for sharing this activity here Julie, it looks so festive. It is always inspiring to know different nations come together to help each other. The last picture look similar to our waters here in SD.

Tellie said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like you had a good time. said...

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Aceh Barat

broze said...

my name is ambrose reid. to anyone that comes to julie for help, i will personally vouch for her integrity. julie telephoned me, talked for hours, on her dime. i accepted her as my life coach and mentor. circumstances beyond my control, dictated that the association be temporarily stopped. well, broze is back. julie thanks for your help, i never got pass the first 20 pages of STS and you would not believe the impact. thanks for caring julie.

LJP said...

Hi from Australia!!