Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life is too short to be in the wrong job!!!

Everybody says we have to do something....bu
t what? We feel as though we are busy these days, but that's not new. People seem to have got even busier and 'life is too short to ...'

Be in the wrong Job?
Life's too short...means what to you?

Its meaning according to 'Phrase and Meaning Finder';
Response to a request to do something that seems too petty to waste valuable time on.

The Origin:
This response goes back in print form to at least the late 19th century, and in people's minds probably much further. In May 1877, The Morning Oregonian included a story with this opinion:
"Oh I say, drawled Gerard; 'life's too short to be wasted talking about a woman. Let's go and get some beer."

In 1975, the English writer Shirley Conran published the book Superwoman, aimed at busy women, and coined the phrase 'Life is too short to stuff a mushroom'.

"Kerryn McCann noticed the lump in her breast months before she did anything about it, Jane McGrath, wife of cricketer Glenn McGrath, lost her 11-year battle with breast cancer. The dual Commonwealth marathon gold medallist and mother of three died on Monday morning at the age of 41 at her family's NSW home outside Wollongong in NSW, Australia, June 2008." Hmmm...Life is too short....

You maybe asking yourselves what has 'breast cancer', 'life is too short...' and 'being in the wrong job' got to do with each other. Well, actually....nothing and everything!!

I'm using this blog as a paradigm, to remind us all that 'life is like that', we all get along doing our thing, being really
busy and it's not until something drastic, life changing happens in our lives, that it jumps up and bites us on the nose, that we actually do anything about our situation. you are surfing the web, reading my post actually, looking to make some extra money, because in today's economic climate, there has to be a way to make money on the net? The problem being you don't really have any real spare money floating around, the opportunities seem to be abundant, endless and too good to be true. What one do you actually choose, which opportunity is 'for real'?

Everybody says we have to do something....but what? Well you could;
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To your Success

Julie McClelland

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Janice Warburton said...

Hi julie
Great post thanks for the reminder Napolean Hill who studied some of the richest men in the US in his time found out they didn't do it alone
Folks get back to Julie find out what she's talking about and get the support an help you need for succes IT IS FREE!!
Janice Warburton

Bernard Tritz said...

Hello Julie
This information need to be broadcast to the whole world and we haven't scratch the surface yet. Millions of people out there need to hear from what you do. Keep up the posts. And I love the presentation
Take care
Bernard Tritz

EddieGarcia said...

Hey Julie,

Presentation - a sensation! You got my attention and I like the use of paradigms in making a point. Everybody needs somebody and Julie's online family is the pure cure for the online blues. Get with her ASAP so she can share her proven success system with you today.

Eddie from Georgia

Rhonda Wudarczyk said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. It is amazing! You did a great job here. You are right people need to stop wasting there precious time and get help they truly need and deserve!

Leroy Whitekiller said...

A very good point. Life comes at you and leaves you everyday you are here. One day will be your last morning. You said it all.Good post.

mentoringforfreebyjenny said...

Hi Julie
I really enjoy reading your blog.
I agree with you people need to stop wasting there precious time and get help. Everyone deserves to be happy
Take care
Jenny Tofflemire