Monday, March 23, 2009

Auto Suggestion – Financial Freedom

Auto Suggestion – The Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

Until I started reading, actually absorbing Napoleon Hills book, Think and Grow Rich, I had forgotten that this is a skill my mother taught me for years, without me actually realising it was ‘auto-suggestion’, as described in Napoleon’s book.

As a child, I understood that by repeating something over and over again it seemed to come about. Whenever I was unwell, I would lie in my bed and repeat till the feeling passed, what my mother taught me;

“I am god’s perfect child I shall not be sick”.

And, you know it seems that 9 times out of 10 the feeling would pass, I would doze off to sleep and the next day I was as good as new again.

As an adult I still practice that little chant – and it works! Some taught, learnt and practiced habits never die!

I must also confess here for those of you with your eyes glazed and going yeah, yeah another biblical bash about whatever…my only sojourns into church now, is Funerals, last one I attended was my mother’s – coming up 2 years ago now, can’t say weddings, as even my wedding last year was in my backyard, with a Justice of the Peace.

I was in a relationship 18mnths ago now; it wasn’t a good place to be, my friends would always ask, when are you going to leave? My answer was when ‘My Knight in Shinning Armour’ comes along. I wished these thoughts all the time in my sleep, would dream them even, living it in my dreams – believing and hoping one day that it would happen. Well it did – I’m now happily married to my best friend of 26yrs and life is great. Again auto-suggestion…didn’t actually think of it like that until my husband mentioned it to me the other day, again.

In Napoleon’s book in Chapter Two, he insists that you write down your Desire’s, I believe the beginning of ‘one’s personal freedom’ is the process of writing it all down, it actually anchors your thoughts, it makes them a physical ‘being’ because these, your thoughts, are now ‘written’.

Where does the auto-suggestion come from then? Napoleon’s steps in Chapter Two, Desire, are concise;

  1. Decide the exact amount of money you want!
  2. What are you going to give in return for this desired amount of money?
  3. Decide a definite date by which this amount of money you desire will be acquired!
  4. Create your plan – whether you are ready not, put this plan of desire into action now!
  5. Write down a clear and concise statement of the amount of money you desire, how you plan to achieve this, when and what you plan to give in exchange for this (remember give and thine shall receive or give nothing receive nothing!)
  6. Read this statement to yourself morning and night out loud not in your head.

To show you how easy this can be, my plan is;

“In my first year of business I desire to earn $100,000. To achieve this desired sum, I will coach, mentor, and teach frustrated network marketers to become successful leaders: regardless of their company affiliation and I will do it for free.

I intend to reach my desired goal by 31 March 2010 by working daily in my business, helping people to the best of my ability and working through the processes I have set in place to achieve this desire.”

Acquiring this thought process, auto-suggestion, is not easy; it takes repetition, belief in you, commitment and hard work.

I belong to a group that ‘Masterminds’ this process weekly, we all learn from each other, we help each other to achieve and work through the process, we help each other believe. Believing in others helps them to believe in themselves.

You too can be part of our team.

Looking forward to meeting with you.

I Appreciate You

Julie McClelland


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Stephanie said...

Interesting concept

EddieGarcia said...

Goal are so important. If we have no goals in this life, then we will strive for nothing. Life needs purpose and one can find it through God's holy word for sure and programs like the 30 day cleanse, MFF and books like Think and Grow Rich can help also. I know you will meet your goal in March 2010 and I am rooting for you.

Friends 4 Life!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have done a great job.
David Courson

Babs (Beetle) said...

I have never put a label on it, but I am a great believer in positive thought, and refusing accept that I will get a bad cold or flu, when viruses are doing the rounds :O)

I am a practicing Christian. I'm not sure that it's responsible for my thinking this way, although it has made me a far more positive person.

I'm sure you will reach your goal.

One question. If this is a free service, how will you acquire your wealth?

Julie McClelland said...

Hi Babs

Good question - Mentoring for Free is the service that I will offer for free. Napoleon Hill says in his book, as part of your plan, what is that you are going to offer in return for your desired wealth.

Well, of course I have a Network Marketing business that I would like them to become part of, but if they only want to be part of Mentoring for Free - then that is all good.

The thing with network marketing is that you can only help and take on the 'volunteers', there will always be those that won't want what I've got to offer.

You also have to remember that people join people, not companies or products.

Julie :-)

Rita said...

This a a great reminder to read Napolean Hill's book again. I read it about 20 some years ago, and found it to be quite good. It's a book that has withstood the test of time... which is proof in itself that the techniques in the book work.

Brenda Bunney said...

You're right. Thinking positively does work wonders. If you go into a situation telling yourself you will succeed, the chances of realizing that success is greatly multiplied. Sometimes we need to be reminded :)

phillip skinner said...

Hi all great site well set out by the way ... easy on the eye ... my thoughts after taking in what you wrote was there is no new fundamentals when it comes to success which ever way you practice your skills as Jim Rohn says it "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"

All my best to you and yours
Phillip Skinner

Terri L. Pattio said...

Great stuff Julie, YOU put it all together nicely. We will achieve our GOALS.

Nhil said...

Is this the same thing like what was mentioned in 'The Secret'?

I also believe that thoughts become things, so I would like to think positive as much as possible.

As for the steps you mentioned here, I have yet to try these and will let you know as soon as those steps generate results ( of course I know I should also do my part to get what I want ;)

Julie McClelland said...

Hi Nhil

I'm not familiar with 'The Secret'.

This book is Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich - Auto Suggestion is one of the steps you need to take on your path to 'riches', I find the journey is all about self growth and personal development as well as the 'financial' rewards that we seek. You actually can't have one without the other.

Keith said...

Hello Julie!

Excellent post you have here! I have been a fan of Napoleon Hill for quite sometime.

It's exciting to read what you wrote about autosuggestion. Not too long ago I wrote a post about that myself, so it excites me to find a post about it elsewhere! It's all a matter of changing our beliefs about how we feel towards whatever is holding us back. Changing our associations, by that I mean that we associate pain or pleasure to everything in life and we will always do more to avoid pain. So if we can focus our mind and change what we associate pain to, we will succeed in transformig our lives.

Great Post Julie!

Bill Tessore said...

Hi Julie,

I too had a daily affirmation that one day I would marry a specific person … we have been married now for 10 + years. I started this process 15 + years ago. Living proof this does work … when you work it.

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore