Monday, April 27, 2009

Susan Boyle | Cynicism | Network Marketing

Like most people, we know that Susan Boyle is a worldwide household name, except of course those in countries or parts thereof where there is no power, let alone luxury items like a TV! When you search the web with my heading to my blog, there are over 7.7 million returns on articles about Susan Boyle, Network Marketing, making money online, Tourism...tourism, what the...! I rest my case, you really need not wonder at my cynicism and why I think, Susan Boyle, Network Marketing and Cynicism go hand in hand in some form or other.

Most articles, blogs etc are all about the positives, some are in the 'I'm over it' stage, lots are 'how you too can be a star' like Susan, but in your business. Don't get me wrong, I was moved by this women's down to earth, somewhat naive and genuine attitude about herself. Then of course she sang...
Now we also have Shaheen Jafargholi, 12 and Holly Steel, 10 who also have taken Britain's Got Talent by storm. I do like the fact that people who perhaps would normally struggle to get 'talent hunted' have an opportunity with these talent shows to get noticed, then forge a career for themselves in the music industry.

We must not forget Susan's quick move into fame through a 'talent contest', is not yet over, she still has more hurdles to jump, lshe has yet to make it past the next round - now her fate lies with the British public, the voting panel (this should be a no brainer, Simon thinks she's lovely, although she's frumpy) and lest we forget the competition of other would be stars, namely Shaheen Jafargholi and Holly Steel just to name two. Part of me hopes she does, but what will the real outcome be for this women? Will she cope with the fame? Will she cope with the makeover - that has to come, does it not?

Remember the builder come opera singer winner of last years Britain's Got Talent. Lovely fellow - awful teeth! He's since had extensive dental work done, wears better clothing, travels the world with his wife. Performs on world stages. He is a completely different man. He appears to have coped well with it all, but will Susan Doyle?

So what has this got to do with network marketing? 7.7+ million reasons and I've decided that I'm no different to the other bloggers, MLMers \ Network Marketers and anyone else that is using this bandwagon to help brand themselves. Here I am blogging along with the 7.7+ million others, being whisked along on the coat tails of this women's overnight success, with what appears to be a good title, match up my keywords and maybe I'll have winner, whereby people who read my article may leave a comment, positive or negative, Google doesn't really care about that, its the back links and networking spiders that 'we' and Google are interested in.

Why cynical? Do I really need to elaborate, look at us all using this platform to gain some traction for our own ends. I'm not necessarily against this process, the internet is a good vehicle for taking us into 'famedom', should we be clever enough. I am more concerned that some of us forget to maintain good business ethos, that we don't succumb and lose oursleves in the mele of what perceived riches could come our way with Google traffic, backlinks etc, people tripping themselves up in droves to dive head first into our sales funnels...well a bit extreme, but it sounds good, yes?

I take pride in myself that I am honest, have the upmost of integretity, I am building trust online, I focus my energy on building relationships. Network Marketing, like Britian's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, Australia's Got a people industry. How else would the likes of Susan Boyle, a spinster from Scotland, touch not only Britain's but the hearts of people worldwide.

Our purpose for being here in this industry should be because - we like building relationships with people and realise the vechicle for doing this is through branding - whether it be like Susan, Shaheen, Holly or in our own way online.

I don't know about you, but I am a real person, doing real things, going about an honest days work, earning an honest dollar to pay our bills and advance my family just one step closer towards financial freedom.

Live your Dreams, Enjoy your Life
Julie McClelland


Melissa said...

I think the whole blogosphere is one big social network. We blog about things we like, don't like, interest us, or make us money. I personally have not seen network marketers using other peoples fame to make themselves rich, but I do not really read many of those blogs. I like honest people, so I am glad you are one of them.

Anne said...

I work in marketing and PR and your post struck a chord with me. You might ask why. The basis for success in PR is the same as you specify in network marketing. Fame is nice, but to be successful long term, you need to be ethical and work hard to build relationships and develop a positive reputation.

Rich said...

The Susan Boyle story is an archetype. You can see how it relates to network marketing in my video:

betchai said...

since i actually do not watch a lot of TV, i actually learned about Susan Boyle from the blogosphere first, and then later, when she was featured in the CNN. I think it is easier for us to blog about our interests, and what excites us, so, it is not surprising for me I have learned a lot about Susan Boyle, Holy Steele from the blogging world, since am sure a lot of them have been touched by their talent.

char said...

you are a brilliant writer! normally I am not interested in topics like MLM~ but the way you make links to my everyday life show its relevancy and usefulness.

I will DM your invite to guest post over my way if you are interested.

Laura said...

I think Susan will have a career even if she does not win.

Nhil said...

I like what you wrote about integrity. :) I hope that a lot of bloggers, mlmers and other people who would like to build a good reputation will think about checking their motives first before venturing into their business.
I have seen some who claimed to be the guru or the 'IT' person when it comes to (a certain) business but they are easily threatened with a simple question from a newbie. :(
Just like what I said, integrity, coupled with honest dealings with people can make one successful in his endeavors.

Random Surprises said...

These are good points you raised here. Mind if I tweet about this post?

Lynn said...

Some very good points. I'd like to think that natural sounding marketing efforts are more successful than those that are not. To me they definitely are more sincere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, I enjoyed reading your blog post. I have missed the Susan Boyle phenomena save for seeing her performance once. She definitely has talent and so do you, keep up the good work!

Eric W Wheeler